What is Quality monitoring of SKPOS network solution?

Quality monitoring of SKPOS network solution is an application created by the Geodetic and Cartographic Institute Bratislava, which serves primarily to independent and permanent monitoring quality of the network solution SKPOS in any time and in any location of Slovakia. More information about the application you can read in the tab „About application“ located in the main menu.


For the day and hour of my measurement the value in the graph of deviations is omitted. Does it means, that SKPOS did not work, or network solution was no correct?

In case, you miss values for the selected date and location in the graph of deviations, it does not mean that SKPOS in that value did not work. It means in that moment, might have been an unknown problem with processing of baselines, or to another problem with the application’s operation. Missing values in graphics in any case does not mean that SKPOS failure, or accuracy of network solution is not correct.


The monitoring results are binding?

The results presented by application Quality monitoring of SKPOS network solution has only informational character.


I can not choose area – location defined by a foreign permanent station.

Yes that is true, the area defined by foreign permanent stations are no active, but data from these stations are part of the network solution SKPOS VRS station.


I have some comments and some questions about the application SKPOS network solution quality monitoring. Who can I contact with?

Creators of application are Ing. Branislav Droščák, PhD. and Ing. Karol Smolík from Geodetic and Cartographic Institute Bratislava. For questions or comments, you can contact them by the email address: branislav.droscak@skgeodesy.sk alebo karol.smolik@skgeodesy.sk.