How to use the application SKPOS network solution quality monitoring

The procedure on how to use the application is very simple and consists of the following steps:

1. The applications can be run by inserting into command line of your internet browser. You can use e.g. Internet Explorer 9, Modzilla Firefox 22 etc.

2. After application startup, you have to at first select the date of the day for which you wish to get information about the SKPOS network solution quality. The date selection can be done from the calendar which appears after right clicking onto the window situated behind the text “select date”. The second possibility is to insert the date directly into the mentioned window in format. After date selection, the application window refreshes to display the network on the selected date.


3. The next step of the procedure consists of the selection of the region for which you wish to get information about the SKPOS network solution quality. The selection is done by the mouse movement on the light blue circles situated on the map field of the window. Confirmation of the selected area (dark blue circle) has to be done by the left button mouse click.


4. Confirmation click on the selected location reveals the deviation graphics. Deviations are depicted by bar chart for every hour for horizontal (plane ne) and vertical component (u). Furthermore, horizontal lines in the chart represent RMS (Root mean square) values for both components in centimeters.


5. To finish the deviation graphic you have to click on the cross or on the background of the web page or press the button Esc.



All information resulted from the application SKPOS network solution quality monitoring are informed only and do not have legal purpose. If the deviation graphics does not display some values for all selected hours, it does not mean that the SKPOS was not running, but it points to the problem with the baseline processing within the application. We also have to note, that if some deviations reach disproportionately high values (decimeters), it points as well to the problem with the processing within application. From that point of view, the application serves as an independent and permanent tool for provision of information about the quality of SKPOS network solution at any time and any region in Slovakia.